Financial Investigations

The Corporate and Financial Investigative Group of SVA has deep experience in conducting corporate and financial investigations on behalf of corporations, financial institutions, law firms and governments.

Whether a company is faced with allegations of financial malfeasance or improper disclosures, or the evaluation of an impending transaction with an overseas partner; or simply to ensure systems are operating soundly, it is essential to obtain objective assessment and information from experienced professionals. SVA can provide independent guidance on a wide range of assignments, be they internally or externally triggered operations, technical accounting, corporate governance, internal control systems, regulatory compliance, business intelligence or financial reporting.

It is important to react rapidly and confidently to a crisis, particularly if it is in relation to stopping illegal activities, safeguarding the company’s assets and reputation, and preventing reoccurrences of incidents through the design and implementation of robust internal controls. Our methodologies ensure issues are identified, analysed and resolved efficiently and discreetly with minimum disruption to the business.

Our Approach

SVA professionals have extensive experience in analysing the often complicated breakdown of corporate governance frameworks, both at entity level and at transactional levels. We thoroughly review and assess problems in light of existing standards, international best practices and regulatory requirements. With our team of investigators, forensic accountants and data forensic specialists, we can offer impartial assessments of a situation and can design an appropriately scaled investigation, followed by recommending effective solutions and improvement to corporate governance and internal controls.

Avoid Major Risk and Improve Internal Controls with SVA

  • Provide rapid and confidential responses to high stake events, including whistle-blower allegations, regulatory inquiries and examinations, financial irregularities and restatements, inadequate disclosures, forensic accounting reviews and misappropriation of corporate assets
  • Reconstruct events from imperfect data through forensic examinations to unravel complex financial transactions
  • Provide independent guidance through a wide range of reviews, including reviews of internal control systems and audit committee mandates
  • Conduct regulatory compliance reviews, inquiries and investigations, including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and 404 internal controls, Foreign Corrupt Practices act (FCPA), UK Bribery Act, OECD Regulations, anti-money laundering (Basel II) systems, stock exchange regulations
  • Undertake corporate governance reviews using the COSO and COBIT frameworks
  • Provide management or regulators with key evidence developed during an investigation
  • Present findings through expert testimony at arbitration hearings, criminal trials and civil actions
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