SVA to present at Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile on De-Risking – Or learning how to let go of the tiger’s tail and not get bitten

De-Risking – Or learning how to let go of the tiger’s tail and not get bitten

RCKGM Regular Lunch – Wednesday 18th October 2023 – Level B3, Holiday Inn Golden Mile.

Date: Wed, October 18, 2023

Time: 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Place: Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Level B3

Special Attendees: PDG Eric Chin, District Membership Director

New Member Induction: Steve Maginnis

Meal Type: JAPANESE Lunch

Sergeant-at-Arms: Kevin Rosich


Guest Speaker: Steve Vickers, Chief Executive Officer, Steve Vickers and Associates Limited (“SVA”)

Topic: “De-Risking” – OR learning how to let go of the tiger’s tail and not get bitten”

Multinational and Hong Kong companies in Asia are responding to geopolitical tensions, pressure from the US, and a more uncertain and challenging policy outlook in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) by “de-risking” – essentially shifting their activities out of the PRC to Southeast Asia, South Asia and other locales.

Such moves may alleviate short term political risk threats arising from a maintaining a China-based operation, but such sudden departure can entail significant risk. Moreover, going elsewhere can expose companies to new threats in little-understood, unstable, or challenging places.

Careful stewardship can mitigate against the risks, though. Steve will advise companies in safely “de-risking” whilst dispersing operations – and so help in “letting go of the tiger’s tail” without being bitten too badly.

This presentation will outline the risks of key concern to foreign business and to business leaders. Steve will address political risk issues, sanctions, and the wider business risks.

This topic will be a useful aid to businesspeople who operate both in Hong Kong and regionally.

Introduction of Speaker

Steve Vickers is the founder and CEO of Steve Vickers & Associates (“SVA”) (, a specialist risk mitigation, corporate intelligence and security consulting company. Steve has over 40 years’ experience in Asia in both government and the private sectors.

Steve is an acknowledged expert on political and security issues in Asia Pacific and is a frequent commentator on political risk and crisis management issues. His opinion is regularly sought by the international media.

For the past 28 years, Steve has conducted numerous sensitive- business intelligence assignments, crisis containment issues and high-risk issues facing international corporations.

He is a member of the International Institute of Security.