Hong Kong Police Tactics Baffle the Experts as Legislature is Trashed

David Lague, Anne Marie Roantree

Government crackdown likely


Opinion Split as Police Delayed Taking Action

South China Morning Post
Cannix Yau, Clifford Lo

Clashes will get worse unless Carrie Lam steps in


SVA Update Number 3 - Hong Kong Protests – Threat Assessment – 21 June 2019 - 1200hrs


SVA Update Number 2 - Hong Kong Protests – Threat Assessment – 14 June 2019 1600 hrs


Police come under fire for “excessive” use of force – SVA comment

South China Morning Post
Jeffie Lam, Christy Leung

SVA Update Number 1 - Hong Kong Protests – Threat Assessment – 12 June 2019 1400 hrs


Steve Vickers warns companies present in HK to assess risk exposure to protests

Nelson Moura

US China Trade War - An interview with Steve Vickers


Ho Iat Seng first declared in the race for top post

Macau Daily Times
Daniel Beitler

Disaster that Stopped Bank’s Due Diligence

South China Morning Post
Enoch Yiu

Armed Drill to be Conducted Friday at Venetian Macao

Macau Daily Times

Riscos Associados Ao Jogo Com “Subida Acentuada”

Jornal Tribuna de Macau
Inês Almeida

Geopolitical Risks Ahead for US Casino Ops in Macau: Vickers

Asia Gaming Brief
Steve Vickers

Report: Macau to Seek Stability, Distance from US

Calvin Ayre
Derek Tonin

Gaming | Vickers: 2020 Concessions Likely Postponed Two Years

Macau Daily Times

Macau | End of CE Term This Year and Trade War to Present Challenges for Foreign Gaming Operators

Macau News Agency
Emily Pottier

No Appetite for Hurting Macau Casino Cash Cow: Vickers

GGR Asia
Steve Vickers

SVA 2019 Asia Risk Assessment is Now Available

SVA Assessement Report

Will US-owned Macau Casinos get Politicised by US-China Trade War?

South China Morning Post
Laura He, Louise Moon

Shift in Geopolitics Poses Risk for Macau Operators

Asia Gaming Brief

Sino US tensions – Wider Implications for Business – SVA Risk Assessment Report

SVA Risk Assessment Report

Macau will not be Immune to the Consequences of a Trade War

Macau Business Daily