SVA - Investigation into Child Abuse

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CRH Review Report Revealed – CCTV shows 55 suspected child abuse incidents – Slapping, ear-twisting and throwing involved

Suspected child abuse incidents were reported in the Children Residential Home (CRH) operated by the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children (“HKSPC”), with 23 staff members arrested and 39 child victims identified. The case has caught citywide attention. An independent review committee was hence established to investigate and submitted a review report to the government. The report is now revealed and showed the following details.

The report revealed that SVA (Steve Vickers & Associates) has identified more than 82 suspected child abuse incidents with 55 classified as “red alert” (suspected child abuse) from reviewing merely 918 hours of CCTV footage. The footage revealed staff members allegedly throwing children on the playground mats, slapping, ear-twisting, face-poking, etc.

The report further revealed that Susan So, former Director of the HKSPC, has admitted to the committee that she only visited the cite seldomly and never reviewed any CCTV footages. She was surprised by the fact that no staff members reported on any of the abuse incidents.

Susan So admits to seldom visit CRH and never reviewed any CCTV Footage

In the 84-page long report, conversations between the independent review committee and the management of HKSPC was revealed. Susan So was said to have told the committee that she was surprised that no child carer reported on any incidents as they all have professional qualifications. She expected that people with such qualification should have reported on any suspected child abuse incidents.

Prior Notice to CRH Visits, no interactions between Susan so and caretakers

Susan So admitted to visiting CRH seldomly and that there would be prior notice to staff members prior visits. She has also revealed that she never reviewed any CCTV footage. Only after the child abuse incidents were discovered did she made a commitment to Social Welfare Department that she will visit CRH more frequently.

Review Report: Caretakers lacked care Rough behaviours towards toddlers common

The review report pointed out a lack of care from staff members to the Children and do not appear to care for the feelings and dignity of the children. Rough behaviours towards the children are common. Although it was pointed out in the report that rough behaviours do not necessarily constitute abuse, the child might still feel uncomfortable, unsettled or even pain.

82 suspected incidents in mere 912 hours of CCTV review 55 flagged as abuse

The report revealed that after the discovery of the child abuse incidents, HKSPC hired risk management specialist SVA to review CCTV footage at CRH. 82 suspected incidents in mere 912 hours of CCTV review with 55 incidents flagged as abuse. The remaining incidents are marked as amber, which means that incidents are comparatively less severe, although still warrant for further review.

Abuse happened in multiple locations Bedroom, Activity Room and Play Area

Amongst the 55 red incidents, 40 of which happened on the 2/F floor of CRH in areas such as bedroom, activity room and play area. The other 15 incidents occurred on the 3/F, mainly involving the bedroom. SVA identified at least 8 types of abusive behaviour that includes: lift and drop children by pulling child’s shirt collar, ear-twisting, slapping, shaking the child, throw against playground mat, pushing children back to bed, face-poking, etc.

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童樂居案報告曝光 CCTV55次疑似虐兒行為 涉掌摑扭耳掟埋牆


報告透露,保護兒童會聘用的風險管理專家SVA (Steve Vickers & Associates) 僅翻看「童樂居」其中的918小時閉路電視片段,已找到至少82次可疑事件,當中55宗被界定為「紅色」級別、即被識別為虐待事件,涉及有人將幼童抬起再拋到軟墊上、掌摑懲罰、扭耳仔及以手指戳臉等。

蔡蘇淑賢承認甚少訪「童樂居」 更從沒翻看CCTV


到訪前有預告 蔡蘇淑賢沒與幼兒工作員交流


檢討報告:幼兒工作員對幼童乏關心 普遍有粗魯行為


918小時CCTV82次可疑事件 55宗被界為虐待