SVA Presentation on “Handling Orchestrated Staff Defections" – 27 June 2019

A Practical Guide to Legal & Operational Considerations” 27 June 2019

Members of The Association of Corporate Counsel

Presentation from Steve Vickers

A hostile and well organised exodus of executives to a rival company can be a nightmare for a board of directors.  Losing key people under such sudden circumstances creates a crisis that tests the ability and resolve of senior management and, if not handled correctly, can lead to severe financial harm, loss of confidential information and key clients, serious damage to reputation and morale, and threaten the future of the enterprise.

Steve Vickers will speak about the practical handling of these situations as well as examining the overall threat to a business and discuss the early signs that a defection may be about to take place. Steve will also look at methods by which companies can act to prevent such defections, or make them harder or less damaging, and explore means of fighting back, either by targeting the defectors, or the aggressor company that is funding the exercise.

Highlights of the presentation include:

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